Spiritual Temple Ministries - Dr. Allegra McGrew - Pastor
Dr. Allegra M. McGrew
A native Houstonian, Dr. McGrew has been a member of the historic, Spiritual Temple Church all of her life. Ordained in August 2000 by Archbishop E.J. Johnson, she previously served as Assistant Pastor and then Interim Pastor. A lifelong learner, Dr. McGrew has earned a Bachelor's Degree in Social Sciences (The University of Houston-Downtown), a Master's Degree in Educational Administration (The University of Houston-Clearlake), a Master's Degree in Instructional Technology (The University of Houston-Clearlake), and a Doctorate in Educational Administration (The University of Houston-Main Campus).
Dr. McGrew previously served on Israel Universal Divine Spiritual Churches of Christ's Christian Education Committee. She along with fellow committee members have written curriculum that is utilized for Christian Education courses at the the national conferences. Dr. McGrew has also written curriculum and compiled coursework/materials that is currently utilized at Spiritual Temple Church for those congregants that have been called to be deacons, ministers, and evangelists.
Dr. McGrew is also a public school administrator and when time permits serves as an instructor for The University of Houston's College of Education. As a doctoral student, she was unanimously selected by The University of Houston's College of Education to serve as the campus' University Council of Educational Administration (UCEA) Barbara L. Jackson Scholar, an honor that enabled her to travel to UCEA's conferences each year to represent the campus. She also currently serves on The Board of Directors for The University of Houston's Black Alumni Association.
Under the leadership of Dr. McGrew, Spiritual Temple Church is headed in a new direction because of the vision that God has given to her. She has implemented programs to serve the needs of the community as well as the needs of church members.