Spiritual Temple Ministries - Dr. Allegra McGrew - Pastor
Challenges and Obstacles
In this lifetime, we will face many challenges and obstacles. There may be seasons in our lives that we do not understand why such things are occurring. At these times we have a choice to make. We can choose to allow our challenges and obstacles to overtake us--become bitter and angry with the world, lose sight of how God always works things out, even becoming angry with God... or we can allow our faith to get us through these times. I have experienced challenges and obstacles that I clearly did not understand. But, I realized that those things were not for me to understand. People will come in your life and some will only stay for a season, but we must count it all joy that God is always in control!
When challenges and obstacles are prevalent in your life, use this time for several things. First and foremost, praise God in advance because he is molding you for greater things. Second, allow your faith to strengthen you. Being able to lean and depend on our gracious and merciful God is a gift that we must never take for granted. And, lastly, change your framework. Either you can view the situation as a challenge/obstacle, or you can view it as a great opportunity. Choose the latter!
Life is a mystery. However we know that it is not our place or our job to be able to understand all things. In saying this, I am reminded of the reality that in order to make peace with the mysteries of life, we must first have a firm foundation of faith. God can and will remain faithful to you, all He asks is that you do the same.
Be Encouraged & May You Grow in Grace,
Dr. A. McGrew